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In this online store, you will find all of my brands – ZONDA\\JEWELRY, ZONDA.BI and _abiete_. All of the products are created by me.

Each brand is unique and different, not only in terms of material, but also in performance, but I love all of them like my three children and a piece of my heart is placed in each of them 🙂

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” every piece of jewelry tells a story “

Jewelry designer and founder – Baiba Ivanovska

About me

The woman behind ZONDA | SHOP is called Baiba Ivanovska. She is creative, big hearted, good humored, smiling and loves life! All of this can be seen in her jewelry designs.

She lives near the most beautiful city in Latvia – Kuldiga, in a beautiful country house surrounded by nature with beautiful old oak trees.

Her studio is like a playground with jewelry everywhere, vintage furniture mixed with new designs and personal art with a childish touch in frames on the walls. There is no better place than this to get inspired and merge with nature in one flow.

Her other passion was interior design, which became her main job for 12 years, but she has put it aside. Because her ideas about jewelry took over her mind so much, that she couldn’t think about anything else. They occured to her at every step, both when she went on the road and when she went to sleep. That’s what a continuous full-time job is for a jewelry designer.

She spends her free time walking, hiking and doing yoga. But on trips with her husband and children, she not only relaxes, but also picks up new ideas for jewelry.

” small business. big heart “

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