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#1 What materials are used in jewelry?

-The stones used in the jewelry are Baltic amber (certified)

-The metal is 925 Sterling silver

#2 Where is the jewelry made and is it handmade?

-Jewelry is made in Latvia. Yes, they are 100% Handmade.

-All Jewlery is available in one copy.

#3 How do I determine the ring size I need?

-If you already have a perfect ring that fits you perfectly, take a ruler and measure the inside diameter. Our ring sizes are given inside diameter.

-If you don't have a ring available. You can buy a ring sizer here.

#4 Is it possible to order an individually made piece of jewelry?

- We do not accept individual orders. We invite you to join our newsletter and that way you will find out about new products sooner, so you are sure to find something you like.


#1 How do i take care of my jewelry?

-The more intentional you are about caring for your jewelry, the longer it will last.

-Remove your jewelry before doing any activity that risks physical damage.

-As a general care tip, your jewelry should be the last thing you put on before going out and the first thing you remove upon coming home.

-To keep your piece looking its best, gently rub the surface with the polishing cloth. Always wash your hands after use to ensure the cleaning agent is removed.

-It is normal to see dark residue on the cloth, it’s a sign that it is working correctly! The cloth contains a small amount of cleaning agent which will hold on to any dirt, oil & residues that are removed from the surface of the item being polished. Never wash the polishing cloth as it will lose its effectiveness. Keep out of reach of children.

#2 How to Store

-When not being worn, store in a safe, dry place to protect against the elements of daily exposure.

-Store pieces separately to avoid damage.


#1 Is it possible to make a return or exchange?

-Find more information about this issue on the main FAQ page.

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